About Us


It all started when...

Pam Spaeth & Sue Swenson always enjoyed Mrs. Bridges Pantry, their little British tea room & gift shop in the area as patrons. They are lovers of all things British. When Mrs. Bridges was up for sale by the previous owners, Pam & Sue jumped at the chance of running the establishment with their own "twist" on British style.

Pam is a New Yorker who moved to Woodstock, CT years ago. Sue who was born in England, and worked in the textiles industry in the states, has been a long time resident of the area. They both are fabulous cooks inspired by British "taste".

What they hope their patrons experience is a little vignette of the lovely Tea Rooms that they experienced in England. The food, meticulously crafted, inspired by British cuisine, maintains the style & craft of Britain.